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Join us for this exciting and informative class and get ready for your scuba certification!


Here’s the steps you’ll need to complete in order to earn your certification:

  • Come to the dive center no less than TWO WEEKS before the start of class to register, complete all the necessary paperwork, and select your personal gear which is included in the program
  • Then the class meets on two (usually) consecutive Sundays ALL DAY from 9:00 am  – 4:00 pm, starting at the Indian Valley Scuba dive center, and then moving to the Souderton Area High School for the pool work
  • This is an all-day program and we do not break for lunch, so please bring snacks and drinks so we can work together to cover all the material within the allotted time frame
  • A thorough Academic Review and Final Exam will be conducted at the Indian Valley Scuba dive center on the second Sunday, followed by the final exam

Once you’ve successfully passed the academics and poolwork, you can schedule your Open Water dives.  In order to ensure your success as a safe, competent open water scuba diver, IVS requires a minimum of six dives to be completed over the course of two days. The final two dives are actually student-planned and student-led, ensuring you have the skills to safely plan and execute dives on your own after graduation.  These checkout dives, as they are called,  can be scheduled at your convenience on any of our local Open Water Weekend dates or on many of our tropical trips.

Indian Valley Scuba’s exclusive Open Water +Plus! program also includes two additional specialty diver certifications, PADI’s  Peak Performance Buoyancy & Coral Reef Conservation. These two programs require one additional evening of class, held at IVS, following your checkout dives in order for us to process your certifications.  These classes are scheduled one Monday evening each month year-round.

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